Monday, November 9, 2009

Background Work and Keys!

Lately I've been dividing up the work, between working on backgrounds and putting in keys and stuff. Here are a few of my more finished backgrounds!

Neat, huh!? ... Still trying to figure out the whole "flash messing up quicktime exports" thingie, but at least I figured out how to fix flash exporting stills all weird. I didn't really use much reference for the interior of the school, but I did base the school colors off of the uniform I was forced to encouraged to wear in High School. Though, instead of the reddish color shown, we had to wear... *shudders* burgundy. And they were mean about it too. Wear dark red or brown and it was like you came in wearing a sky blue tank-top with flashing lights and lasers spelling out 'Suspend Me'. ... Gotta love school systems, right? Focusing on what's important? .... Where was I?

Typing on blogs is kinda weird for me at the moment, so I'm a little lacking on what to say... I'm sure it'll pass.

EDIT: I thought the default blog layout thing was kind of bland, so I went ahead and slapped something together in photoshop for a background. Both the page's background and the content's background were made by me, though the coding and other such things are still the same. I miss making webpages... Just not used to blogs. >.<

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